Kute tłoki JE PISTONS BMW N54B30 (9.5:1)

Kute tłoki JE PISTONS BMW N54B30 (9.5:1)

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Kute tłoki JE PISTONS BMW N54B30 (9.5:1)

Nazwa: Tłoki silnika JE Pistons, BMW N54B30 84.00mm (9.5:1)-21.3cc(MTO)

Marka – JE Pistons

Numer części -

Kraj produkcji – Stany Zjednoczone

Grubsze pierścienie, tłoki kute z mocnego aluminium 2618 

JE forged piston set for the BMW N54 engine. Please select compression ratio and bore when ordering. Original specifications are 10.2:1 and 84mm.

These pistons are made from JE’s 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminium and designed with their new asymmetrical skirt technology for a more rigid and durable platform. Also featuring JE’s new Smooth Finished Crown process for excellent flame travel. All piston sets include straight wall carbon steel gudgeon pins, clips and piston rings.

9.5:1 compression ratio is ideal for N54s running high boost, but keeps engine response at a premium. Compression ratio based on .040″ head gasket (OE specification).

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